Patricia Saco

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I work as interaction designer (web) since 1998, and arrived to UX design and research in 2016.

Ethical design: The journey to the B Corporation

Ethic design is a large and ambiguous topic. It covers many fields and often borders are not very well defined; that is why in the beginning it was difficult to apply the concept to the case presented to us, which is a new vision for a printing company. However, after some research we came up with the key concept, the triple bottom line.

The triple bottom line is a growing philosophy that supports a sustainable business model, taking into account not only the financial aspect, but also the social and environmental aspects. Companies that meet certain financial, social, environmental, etc… standards are recognized as "B Corps" or "B Corporations", a title granted by the B-Lab, the NGO that created it.

We believe that a large part of the principles of ethical design are present in the triple bottom line philosophy and in the B Corps, and that is why we believe that the best way to approach this project is to explore this world a bit to see what it represents.

The printing company Brufazo, has just changed its owner, after 90 years of activity. Once made a first analysis, and after considering his experience and client portfolio, its owner intends to rethink their vision. 

Our proposal is framed within the scope of "ethical design" and aims to provide a solution to this new situation, to expand the possibilities of the company.
Social media
Online shop prototype
Printed marketing solution
Internal promotion
This project was defined and developed on 2017/2018 for RECOM ("Recursos y Comunidades Digitales"), subject part of UOC's Degree "Diseño y Creación Digitales" by a great team of students called "Et&Co".
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Currently, I proudly work in Netex learning, bringing awesome learning experiences to really huge customers (corporate and education).