50x70cm. (aprox)
Technique: mixed
Ortoño 2007

El Resurgir del Fénix

As an artist, there are paintings which connect especially hard with your emotions, due to rememberings which are straightly connected with your artwork. Sometimes, you can even feel again every brushstroke as you look at it, with the same intensity…

El Resurgir del Fénix - Original painting - Mixed technique - Patricia Saco
El Resurgir del Fénix

For some strange reason, this piece is one of the most admired by the public, and I really don’t understand why. It is dark, naughty and harmful. And for some strange reason, at the same time, I’ve been keeping it next to me during all these years…

Patricia Saco - Self portrait
Self portrait – Patricia Saco – 2007

The day I painted it, I was immersed in a storm of conflicting emotions, floating in a mix of different liquid matters. Suddenly, I decided to come back home in the middle of the night and face my feelings just painting… So, at that moment, it was just a tool to keep me away from fear, loss, and confusion.

After all, I don’t really want to keep it next to me anymore so, it is time to sell it. Therefore, if you feel interested, you can contact me using the form below or social media.

Thank you! ?