This study was developed during first COVID-19 confinement for the subject Design Anthropology during the Grade of Design (UOC University) as a cyber-ethnographic field work.

The goal of this deep research was to understand how autistic community interacts with a specific object (part I), in this case a chatroom and, as a result, bring an alternative design solution for the object (part II).

I. Cyber-anthropology study


Cyber-workfield – Uncovering the spectrum – during COVID-19 confinement – 2020 Design anthropology – Patricia Saco Atanes – PDF

II. Experience re-design

As we summarized after the ethnographic research, the aim of the requested re-redesign is to satisfy the needs of families, focusing our efforts in satisfying their autistic children’s needs adapting the known chat experience.


Experience re-design – Chat for autistic kids – Aspiehome – 2020 Design anthropology – Patricia Saco Atanes – PDF